About Us


Clearwater Diamonds is in the heart of Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. We are proud to be able to offer a large selection of Fine Jewellery, Swiss Watches & Designer Brands. 

We are a third generation family jeweller, established in 2001, although we have been creating jewellery in the Jewellery Quarter since 1953. In 1953, Fred & Jeanne Merrell started in the jewellery trade with a business providing metal casting services to jewellery designers and makers. Since then the next generations of the family have continued the tradition to grow the family business into a complete jewellery manufacturing business from the original business started in the 50's to Clearwater Diamonds which was founded in 2001.

With the unique ability to showcase the best fine jewellery designers and watch brands, in addition to creating British made jewellery right here in the heart of the UK's Jewellery Manufacturing hub. All of Clearwater Diamond's jewellery whether it is Sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold or even platinum or palladium, is crafted with care to the highest quality.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of jewellery, from traditional to contemporary, all finished to the highest standard with exceptional quality diamonds & gemstones. Each Diamond is carefully selected & only a few make the cut to being a Clearwater Diamond.

We specialise in Engagement, Eternity & Wedding Rings, and have hundreds in store to choose from. Everyone is different when it comes to their perfect bridal rings, which is why we have traditional styles in Platinum, Palladium and Gold & more unusual designs from host of award winning designers including Shaun Leane, Henrich & Denzel, Christian Bauer & Paul Spurgeon.

Most of our Diamonds are certificated by one of the worlds leading independent diamond grading laboratories, GIA, IGI or HRD, and even then they have to pass the exacting standards of our in-house Diamond Grader, who rejects a large proportion of the diamonds she sees, as they don't meet the Clearwater standard. 

All of our Gemstones are also carefully chosen by our in-house Gemmologist, who ensures the quality of the stones are only the highest to give the most impact to our pieces. We have a large number of rubies & sapphires which also come with certificates to guarantee that they are naturally as beautiful as they appear, and have had no kind of treatments to alter their appearance.

Gemstones are one of our passions, and you will find bespoke one of a kind pieces in store that we have designed to show off the colour, shape & lustre of each one. Take a look online or visit us in-store to view some of our Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Opal & Sapphire rings in a variety of colours & shades.


All of our Clearwater Diamonds jewellery is made right here in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Many of the team have worked within the Jewellery Quarter for over 25 years and are truly masters of their craft.

From the traditional casting process to hand finishing & setting, every aspect of the jewellery making process is done with precision and care to ensure every piece we produce lives up to our very exacting standards.

All of our diamonds are from a selected few sources, all of whom abide by the Kimberly Process meaning you can be confident you are buying a conflict free piece of jewellery. Having the ability to choose each diamond individually enables you to have the perfect stone whether it be a Round, Princess cut, Emerald cut or the more recent favourites of an Oval or Cushion cut diamond, in addition to one of the more usual cuts like a Marquise, Asscher or even antique Rose cut diamonds. 

Once the diamonds have been sourced only a few make the cut, as our in house team make sure they are up to the high quality standards we expect. There is far more to choosing a diamond than the 4 C's you may have read about. Of course Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat are important, but there are also other factors than an expert will look at such as Fluorescence, Symmetry, Polish, and the location and type of any inclusions within the stone. Only the very best diamonds make it to become a Clearwater Diamond.