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Gents Date Les Classiques

Gents Date Les Classiques

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Gents Automatic Les Classiques watch by Maurice Lacroix with 38mm case, silver dial & date detail at 3 o'clock. Simple and Sophistication may sound like two contradictory words. However, the two words are wonderfully apt when describing Les Classiques Date. On one hand, simplicity is delivered by three hands, one date. It s that simple, or, so it may seem at first. However, sophistication is granted by the distilled creation of the handsome Les Classiques Date. Each element has been the subject of prolonged consideration. In several instances seemingly small details when viewed in isolation, actually influence the whole appearance of the chosen model when combined. The would-be wearer has a vast choice of variants to meet their specific desires. The 38mm case diameter is restrained in character exhibiting decorum and avoiding excessive flamboyance.

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